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Artist's Statement
I have always been fascinated by the way that paint can seem not simply to depict light but actually create it, so that the painting itself becomes a light source, seeming to emit its own rays. Light, whether concealed or pouring freely into an imagined landscape, has always been a vital element of my art.

About my work

When I look back at my body of work, I see a line of organic development that is clear only in retrospect. For me, the paintings reflect phases in my own personal journey of which at the time, perhaps, I was scarcely aware. This is one of the great thrills of art, that the unseen can be called forth and become part of our conscious existence.
I would like to think that my work could function as a kind of conduit to the subconscious and that, in presenting my own reality, I am simultaneously creating a space in which people can uncover their own.
Ermina Avramidou

Awards and distinctions

Royal Academy of Arts, 2019

Summer exhibition – London

Royal Academy of Arts, 2015

Summer exhibition – London

Art Takes Miami exhibition, 2011

International Art Competition

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